[Case Study] How Harinderpreet Singh Made $100k+ Within An Year By Making Decisions Faster (SaaS Product)

Harinder is my friend from Punjab whom I met through a common friend on the internet and because of common interests we are still working on various things together.

This is the case study in which Harinderpreet Singh has detailed how he made a decision faster to make a successful SaaS product.

Let me give you some brief about Harinder here.

Who Is Harinderpreet Singh?

[Copied directly from his website]

I’m a tech-savvy guy from India who loves to try crazy things on the internet and tech. I do blogging things to make money online.

If I am not online on social media, then I must be listening to rocking Punjabi songs or playing with my dog.

While studying in B.Tech first year I started to search how to make money online.

I found some ways, blogging was one of them. I decided to give it a try because I felt it bit easier for me.

My plan was to make money with Google Adsense. I worked hard to learn a lot of new things, SEO, Content Writing, etc. English too.

Because I’m not a super-intelligent person so it took a long time for me to start seeing some results.

Finally, After 14 months I received my first income from Google Adsense of $134. After that, it took only two months to reach the next $100. (It’s the minimum amount in Adsense to redeem)

Slowly I started earning more. When I reached $700/month then I decided to drop out the college.

Because I was not interested anymore and the study wasn’t helping me anyway.

Then I was a full-time blogger. My earnings were increasing.

But slowly I started feeling boring while writing about apk. So I kept looking for new ways.

Then I found a fake guru Dan Lok. I had invested money with the program HTC ($3000). The most expensive mistake that I have done in my life so far.

Soon I found that he is a scammer. So I put100% effort into blogging.

I made $6000 in a single month from Adsense. But next month Google enrolled a new update which killed my website.

My traffic was decreased from 1,50,000 visitors to 10000 visitors a day.

I was also bored with it. So I decided to sell it. I found a buyer who purchased that site at $15000.

Then I decided to start 2 new websites. Later on one of the shutdowns was due to low earnings.

After that, I have decided to do CPA marketing. I have wasted around $700 but didn’t make anything out of it.

My friend warned me that CPA isn’t profitable in these days but I ignored his warnings and wasted money.

Finally, I decided to leave it and start doing affiliate marketing. I don’t want to do the Adsense thing as the mainstream of income. That’s how I started GlobalBestOffer.
I was interested in software so I started to review Software.

My core motive behind starting GlobalBestOffer is to provide honest opinions and recommend quality products to people instead of just bragging about the product to make an affiliate commission.

That’s the reason why I have been banned by many vendors because their software was real crap and they were a total waste of money. The reason for them to ban me was, I told them that their software sucks openly on my blog.

Here’s his picture [just to put it here]

Harinderpreet Singh with his dog Yuvi

Let’s get to the case study now!

0 To 100k: The Power Of Making Decisions Faster

Everything now on is his own words that he texted me to share his journey. If I miss anything or you want to know anything such as data, stats, etc. then you can ask me in the comments and I will try to attach them here and make this a complete case study with all your questions answered.


It was October and I have listened to Neil Patel saying enough times saying you should create a tool on your website.  It is better than blogging.

I was a full-time affiliate marketer at that time. 

Basically, I was doing affiliate marketing by writing a blog post with broken English and making Terrible videos on youtube. Somehow it was working for me and I was making enough money to put myself in the 1% of Indians. 

But I have decided to finally act on Neil Patel’s advice. I have decided to create my own tool.

I have contacted one of my friends SURAJ who was also working for me although he has more expertise than me.

He is better than me at English

He is better than me at Marketing

He has more knowledge than me.

He has more experience than me

And everything in between

Basically, he is better than me in almost all areas of life. Not to forget he is 4 years younger than me.

But I am better than him at one thing

Making Decision. I can make quick decisions by looking at the data

Or maybe I’m not better. He is just younger than me. Doesn’t matter. 

Anyway coming back to the story, I asked him to conduct research should I create text to speech tool or not.

Can I rank it on Google for queries like the natural text to speech?

He did his own research and advise me not to create this type of tool.

Because it is competitive.

I said ok let’s not create a tool on this. Initially, My plan was to offer a free plan along with the paid plan.

It was December 2020 and I came to this conclusion My subscribers were not buying from me.

I came to the conclusion that they are not buying from me because they don’t see me as an authority. They see me as a Dude with broken English 

However, I know email marketing is the best way to do affiliate marketing. That’s why I started collecting emails on my blogs and sending them emails with affiliates to make some money.

To collect email addresses I have tried multiple methods. I have tested different opt-in design forms. 

I have offered freebies. I still remember I have created this pdf list of SaaS products that you should not buy. 

Yeah, SaaS products that you should not buy. 

Anyway, email was not converting for me so I decided to create my own SaaS Product. I have decided to text to speech tool. 

Because at that time it was the only product that I can create. I did not have the budget to create any video-making tool or other expensive products that I can think of.

My strategy was Simple

I will offer them a tool for free equivalent to a paid tool 

I will send them to thank you page listed affiliate products.

I will send them more emails so people eventually buy products through my affiliate link. 

I completely copied the design of a paid tool, in fact, I told the developer to create the exact same site as them. 

It is one of my biggest learning, Not using my own mind instead of copying what is working.

Or maybe I can’t think of something better. Whatever 

And I launched my product against all odds. Here is what I did to promote my free product.

I have replaced it with my opt-in form 

I have also created Bar at top of the website 

I have also mentioned in the blogs

And I have created terrible videos on youtube and I did not share links in the description. Because I want some serious people to join my program, not some lazy ass.

I also run youtube and Facebook ads.

And I started getting Signups every single day. 

I have created a 7-day campaign to sell affiliate products. Initially, I was sending value emails I was telling people what products they should not buy.

Everything was going according to order except one thing that is 


Nobody seriously nobody ever bought anything from me.

Try to guess what was I thinking at that time.

It was mistake

I’m promoting the wrong products

I need to send more emails

I never thought that my English is poor because Suraj was my proofreader.

I was thinking People are selfish can’t they buy one thing from me. 

I don’t know what came into my mind but I have decided to transform it into a paid product. 

Yeah, free product into Paid product with few extra features. From a logical standpoint, it was not making any sense. 

But I want to test it. 

Previously the tool was integrated with my affiliate website. Now I have decided to give it a name.

The name was


By the way, nobody believes that I thought of this name all of my friends and even my sister. They think I’m not that creative.

Somehow I found new developers to transform it into a paid tool. Although I faced a lot of difficulties in finding the right developer. 

Now there was one thing that was very difficult for me Landing page design.

I have designed the most terrible-looking landing page. But one day I have received an email about a product.

It was an affiliate email. However, I have fallen in love with their landing page design.

It was simple yet attractive. 

So I have decided to copy their landing page design. I literally copied everything single thing except custom-made graphics.

I used the same font family, same colors.

And finally, I send emails to free users. And I got 2 sales. I was happy at that time with 2 Sales.

Once again I have promoted it to my affiliate blog. 

I even answer people’s questions on quora.

Gradually I start getting sales. In the first month, I have made around $700.

The second month again close to $700.

Now the idea was proven and tested. So I decided to use my own mind instead of copying someone else.

I have redesigned the tool and added more features. Again It starts giving me more conversion.

Then one day I received an email from a person. Basically, he was a digital marketer who convinced me to do a partnership.

Basically, he promised me 100 sales at the end of the launch. Basically, his plan was simple.

We will relaunch the tool with more features

I will invite the big affiliates for promoting Micmonster to their audience.

At the end of this launch, we both will separate money 50 50

He did it, he reached out to affiliates and convinced them to promote my product.

To be honest with you, our product was clearly better than competitors and we were offering at a low price.

In fact, that’s why that marketer reached out to me and offer a partnership.

By the way, we created terrible landing pages. Yeah, his landing page that we designed for the launch was awful.

However, copywriting was good and traffic was sent from affiliates. So they trust our product.

So it was great to launch for us. We got 100 sales in the two days.

Mistakes that we had made

Offering 100% commission on the front end

Creating terrible looking landing pages

Design is equally important just like copywriting. 

But I get a big profit after the launch through facebooks ads.

I think here are the reasons why MicMonster is successful.

Better product than my competitors

Lifetime deal (our competitors are selling upselling at subscription) 

Continous updates

Here are your future updates

New product ActorMonster (Transform text into the human video)

Launching app for Micmonster

Anything to ask?

That’s it! I don’t know if this gives you the whole idea but if you want to know ANYTHING. Do ask me in the comments and I will edit, add, format, change, update this post as many times as this takes to make it perfect.