Easy Way To Find PROFITABLE Niches Using Ahrefs

You must have heard this many times that ranking in tier two countries is much easier than ranking in the USA.

Some of the countries like Indonesia, turkey, brazil are really less competitive countries compared to the USA.

Filters in Ahrefs will help you a lot to find the best of the best niches and keywords if you know how to use it.

PROFITABLE Niches Using Ahrefs

Here’s the one way

• Go to the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

• Select any country you want.

• Without putting anything in the search box hit ENTER.

• It will show you the Top Searched KWs In [Your selected country]

• Now tweak a little bit with the filters [Change KD, Volume and stuff, Word count more than 2 or 3]

• Go through many pages as you might get some useless keywords like movie names and all.

• But in the end you are looking for few profitable niches out of those millions of suggestions.

• Rest check the profitability of the niche and start a blog 

This technique is more focused on finding AdSense niches with more search volume. You can find some affiliate niches as well. Totally on how you going to tweak those filters.

In some countries, you might get more non-English results. Just use the translator and see if that English keyword is getting any traffic from that country or not.

It is just the way. You got your own ideas to play around this.

Give it a try and let me know.

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