1,000 users per month to 100,000 users per month in Finance Niche (SEO Case Study)

This is the case study that I was planning to post many more than 6 months ago, but I haven’t yet because of laziness. If I just keep waiting for the perfect time or at least gather some resources to make it perfect or just because of any reason, then this will get delayed even more.

That’s why – here’s the case study of how I helped a client in the Finance niche to grow organically (using SEO) from 1,000 users per month to 100,00 users per month.


This is the project for my client who deals in the finance niche where they generate leads and contact them to give them financial advice and help them to get loans and everything through various government facilities and options.

The idea is to bring all the users who are in search of that government offer/scheme, and we should be the first ones to give them the information about that and help them get that loan or tax offer. In return, the client will get the commission.

Being the finance niche, the search volume for the keywords was very low, and the CPC was super high, which is the basic nature of this niche.

The average CPC for the keywords was around $4, and there were many keywords with a CPC of even more than $500 as well.

Tools Used?

Here are some of the tools that we used in order to do the research, SEO, etc.

  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword Cupid
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Descript
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Grammarly
  • Quetext
  • Surfer SEO
  • Frase io


I put the seed keywords in our industry into the Ahrefs and pulled out all the available keywords that are there. I cleaned the keywords by removing some fluff and some typos.

I put that list of keywords into the Keyword Cupid, which gave me the big silos and gave us the idea of focusing one silo at a time.

The main keyword of the silo along with (5 supporting keywords with high search volume) we picked to write the 3,000+ words long articles and make them as the piller articles.

All the supporting articles, we kept the length of around 1,200 – 2,000 words depending on the topic.

We linked to the all piller articles from the supporting articles.

So the structure was like this:

How to get a loan (Piller Article)How to get a loan for a student (supporting article)
How to get a loan for a businessman (supporting)
How to get a loan for a housewife (supporting)
How to get a loan for a old people (supporting)
How to get a loan for a home (supporting)

This way, we were getting good enough support for our pillar articles and getting the links from all the supporting articles.

And this was very good in terms of improving the topical authority of the site.

We made sure that there is:

  • Unique image thumbnail along with unique stock photos.
  • FAQs added with the schema.
  • Table of Content section added.
  • Links to the pillar article
  • Links to other relevant articles
  • Links to some useful sources to other websites
  • Surfer Score of minimum 85 (used to be good metric back then, now it isn’t that imp as google search is updating)

We did the same with all the silo that we had.

The total posts that we published was around:

  • 25 pillar posts
  • 78 support posts

This is what worked for us and gave us the results. We just got some PR backlinks.

We are ranking on 1st page for every single term which is out there in that niche.

Later on we also added the PDF version of those articles, made the videos out of it.


We reached the goal and the core thing about this case study was the SILO Structure and the topical authority.