The 10-page guide on launching a brand from scratch – [Notes]

fill a need in their life that makes them want to tell their friends or buy more

Good/Great Product =
positive reviews
refer friend
post on social media



Do 1 studio shoot and 1 outdoor/lifestyle photo shoot to get polished images and product in-use photos for your site, ads, and social.

Then, send your product to 10-20 creators and have them make some variation of these 6 videos:

Unboxing and reviews
Product in use
A before and after usage comparison
Authentically sharing the benefits and value props
POV on how your product compares to competition/why it’s better
Day in the life/lifestyle content

Focus on testing 10-15 different angles and hooks with these creators. This alone will be enough to allow you to get to $1-3K/day in revenue, through ads.

Customer Experience
and Finance

Marketing > Paid Ads

Before you launch, create a Meta Business Manager account, create 25 pieces of creative, and run campaigns with your conversion event set to Purchase or Initiate Checkout and start spending $100/day.
After 3-4 days, you should begin to have some initial data about which ads are under vs outperforming. Turn off the low performers and focus on the top 5-7 highest performing variants.
Analyze all of the key metrics for your ads including their CPM, CTR, and CAC. Focus on the lowest CAC, highest RoAS ads even if they have higher CPMs.
CPM: Cost to show 1,000 people your ad.
If this is low, it means Meta likes your content.
If this is high, it means your content is not what Meta prefers on its platform.
CTR: Click-through rate
If this is high, it means your creative is engaging to the end user.
If this is low, it means your creative isn’t doing a good job to get people interested.
CAC: Customer acquisition cost
Because you are a brand that wants to make money, optimize for purchases or initiate checkout conversions, which is pretty low funnel.
Once you understand your rough CAC, start doing back of the napkin math regarding what it might take to get to $5K/day in sales. The better everything else works (email, organic social, brand awareness, etc), the more efficiently you’ll be able to scale.

Reverse engineer the spend and start scaling up from $100/day to $250/day to $500/day to $1000/day etc.

3 emails to start with!

Thank you email!

Abandon site flow
Abandon checkout flow
Review request flow
Subscription reminder
Product upsell
A winback flow – After someone churns or doesn’t re-order in 90 days


Focus more on getting relevent people who has YOUR audience.

Social Proof

ask for reviews and offer a discount off their next order
tell customers that you are a small business and that their review could help change the trajectory of your brand


If you are convinced that you are going to continue with this business, you need to build a direct, personal relationship with your manufacturer.

Customer Experience

if there’s one area that might matter the most when you start generating sales, it’s customer service.
The absolute worst thing you can do as a new brand is not respond to customer support issues and tickets. They will happen so you need to be prepared.

Create FAQs from the common questions
Create macros with the common responses