Suraj Kadam

Yet to decide exactly which position I should hold

Let's just talk
some real stuff of
Digital Marketing

I do lot of experiments in blogging, SEO, Marketing, Branding and almost everything that covers Digital Marketing scope.

Find out some of my experiences here on my site 😋

Let me bore your with something about me in short

I got the laptop which was given to me  for studying and watching lectures of my board exams. As like every distracted and curious guy, insted of watching those boring teachers online I started exploring the width internet world as before this I was just using internt to download songs and games in mobile. I punched up between so many stuff online such as deep web, hacking, movies, graphic designing, YouTube and what not.

One of the thing that caught my attention was blogging and Digital Marketing. I was impressed by the simplicity of this stuff and huge output that other blogger are already taking out of it. This is where everything started.

I started learning more and more about blogging and decided to start it as soon as I finish my board exams. I targetted, planned out and launched the very first WordPress Website – in March 2017. [I experimented a lot on free stuff (blogger) already]

Started writing content on randomly any topic that came in my mind. Was super excited to just write and hit that publish button.

This is how it started and now here I am with lot of stuff to share with you now. As I have to tell you what happened then and till now. This site is all about sharing those of mine experiences. This is boring, I know. But you are going to love it, I promise.

Now stay curious and explore the whole site to know what happend in the middle. [Hey, let me reveal one imp things too – I am a college dropout who dropped it for this DM world obviously.]

I am good at


Have already worked with some of the blogging industry leaders to make their blogs super attractive with designing team.


Kode. This is what I feel cool about. Learning to kode bcz have to automate and build so many things ahead.


Obviously I need to market some of the services or products for branding and many times to increase the sales too.

Social media

This is where I am building my personal brand by following, connecting with some of the smart people.


Definetly have to work on this as this is going to be another big thing in INDIA in upcoming years. Preparing for it.


The most favorite part of my stuff. I have also separated it from marketing just because it is my favorite.

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