How to Connect Your Website to Cloudflare?

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how you can connect your existing domain to Cloudflare and get some additional benefits such as free CDN and free SSL as well. So basically, Cloudflare is a freeze CDN tool, which, you know, socio fighters online. And it also provides your SSL certificate without any additional costs.

So I have. Well, there’s a domain on the WPN website. And I, uh, this, I already have my site up and running, but there is this not secure error, which is coming because I haven’t activated from my hosting side, uh, from my hosting. So what I’m going to do is now I’m going to connect my domain to the cloud so that everything will be fine and secure.

So, what I have to do is, you know, I have to just go to Cloudflare and sign up for an account and

Yeah. Okay. So I think I have already created an account, and so I will just try logging in. Okay. So once you sign up and verify your email, then you will be. They come to this website, like major stellar debt, and show you how this can be done. So,

okay. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to add a site and, and a site name, and once it fetches the site name, it will catch, uh, then I will go to three plans of the CDN. We’ll click on continue. So it will start scanning all the DNS of the website, which are existing, and we’ll connect it to cloud flare.

Once we changed the name service, as you can see, there are only three steps. Select the plan, review, DNS, and change name service. As you can see, I have got this. Rick tells phage to from my existing, so hosting. So I will just click on continue. You have to make sure that this is both effective and you have got this.

And what I will do is just go to my hosting provider and change the name servers to these and changed the names of us. And then yeah. Configuration. So there are a few configurations that I’m going to do. Uh, so let me just do that manually. So what I’m going to do is, uh, I’m going to first

Okay. As I said, we’ll be full. It should not be flexible. So, yeah, I will go to bots and activate bot fight mode, and I won that any rules right now, then there is, uh, the sketching section in which I will go to configuration, and that should be

Optimization. Okay, so you will need to go to the spirit and then optimization, and then you will need to click on three of them. So there will be no issue. So other than that, um, S T T P S section. Okay. So that’s it. I guess, let me just review again. We recommendations and yes, this is something, as you can see, this is applier and then.

Yeah, no, I will just click on check their servers, but it takes approximately 24 has to update the name servers. So once, uh, it visually shows. That it is not air-connected. So as you can see, once your name server has been updated from the hosting, it will automatically. So basic, uh, show secure and everything, your site will be connected to cloud fair.

And that’s it. Those are the only things that you have to do. You don’t need to do anything else. So now you will get an email confirmation that your site has been started turning on Cloudflare. So that’s it for this video.