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The MOST COMMON Mistake Newbie Bloggers Make In Keyword Research

Keyword Research Mistakes
Keyword Research is one of the core parts of your blogging, which can make your blog stand out from your competitors if done correctly. Also, it might help you grow your blog in less time by finding really perfect profitable keywords.
I have seen people always try to find keywords with high search volume and less competition.
This is kind of good to go thing, but this is not the only thing you have to consider while picking your keyword.
This is ONE OF THE things you should consider while picking your keyword.
So, what is the most common mistake people make in Keyword Research? And what are other factors you should also consider when picking your keyword?
So, let me directly jump to the most important factor to consider when picking it and also the most common mistake!


Yep, people don’t go with the intent of keywords.
All they care about is search volume, CPC, and difficulty, and top 10 results in SERP!
But, INTENT is all above them. This is the very first thing you should look for, and this is the MOST CONSIDERABLE thing about your keyword.
Sometimes, even keywords with very high volume cannot bring your much traffic or sales, and sometimes keywords with low search volume have the potential to bring you more profit/traffic.
Don’t pick Keywords with NO INTENT and Good other metrics
Many other things can be covered related to this, such as types of intent!
I’ll cover them in upcoming posts if got a good response.
Anyway, if you have any questions related to Keyword Research, you can put it in the comment box! I’ll try my best to answer all of them

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