Suraj Kadam

Why Everyone Is Chasing Money?

You already know why you need money.

We have been hearing this all along that the money is not the everything.

Yet, we are following money. Yet, almost everyone in the world is money (exceptions exists)

Why do they chase money over other things?

If you want the straight forward answer then, “everyone chase the money because it’s the same playground for everyone”

Didn’t understand?

Let me explain this in simple words.

If not money, then we are chasing happiness, things, love, experience, etc.

Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to be loved and feel some experiences.

All those things are attached with the community or the people around you.

You want to be happy with your friends or family. You want to be loved by the people you know. You want to have to experiences with yourself and with the people you can share it with.

But the plot hole is.

Even if EVERYONE want’s the same, no one gets it at the SAME TIME.

It’s not necessary that when you are excited and happy, then you loved ones or the family will be happy.

There are much more chances that when you are happy not EVERY OTHER person is happy.

This is one kind of a transaction of feeling which you share and exchange with each other.

You are exchanging the each other’s company.

You give extra credits or discounts to few people when you like something about them or when they impress you.


Because, they have already made the transaction with their feelings with you.

Bet it directly or indirectly.

Transaction has happened.

Are you getting my point?

Not everyone can be happy all the time which makes the probability of exchanging feelings with everything very LESS.

That is why we have to exchange something that is same for everyone.

Money is the same playground for everyone.

You are paying money because you got something be it the experience, care, service or whatever.

Later on, that person will spend that money to gain the same exchange with someone else when he is ready.

I hope you are getting what I am saying.

That is why, EVERYONE is chasing money to exchange the same things because not everyone can do the same like others.

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