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You Decide

You Decide - Suraj Kadam

The world, people, talks, books, nature, everyone is going to confuse you between staying cool or letting go of things and being aggressive.

Either some of them will tell you to follow the spiritual path, which is silent and deep.

Some of them will tell you to live out your life by taking every moment as you don’t have an idea of another moment.

Whatever you are going to choose, silence or rock.

You are going to face outcomes.

You are going to face results.

The best thing you should do is take the wheel and decide what you want and go for it.

You can choose both choosing ones based on the situations and environment.

It’s your life and your experiences.

Stop seeing how others are living.

Choose your way.
However, it is.
You’ll love it.

Go for it.

Thanks for reading.

Suraj Kadam

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