You need a tech co-founder.

Yes, you know it already.

You have heard it enough times.

You also know what he will do.

You also know what the other founder should be.

but i learnt this the HARD WAY.

especially when you are working on the stuff which is complicated than a simple newsletter, blog post, niche site, or something in that tangent, you always need a technical co founder.

you are a marketer founder and you may think that you can always hire people who will build for you and give you what you want.

but the thing is, it is hard to find someone who will make those tech decisions on behalf of you which are aligned with your vision.

you may ask them to make the CRM or the best app or a website for XYZ. they will start having their own vision and everything and might give you the best product at the end.

the real things starts after that, when you start seeing that what exactly next step is to? should you build new feature? or make improvements in the existing ones? or test the bugs, or just do what? even if you do it, will it be good from your perspective of how you want to move ahead with your startup?


just get a technical co founder (if you are a marketing founder or vise verca) when you are starting a startup and excel in your area.